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Pride in Performance

If you love playing tennis—you’re going to love it even more as part of a team. One of the great things about the international events of Davis Cup and Fed Cup play is that those events take the decidedly individual sport of tennis and turn it into a team event. There’s a special kind of energy and excitement that results from that transformation. Even at the pro level, players like Andy, James, the Williams sisters and the Bryan brothers get especially fired up when they’re part of a team effort.

You’ve seen it—everyone does their best to make their teammates that much better. That’s what USTA Junior Team Tennis is all about—building your game while building a team. It’s about showing your stuff—and sharing the fun.

The Nassau Tennis Club offers opportunities for Junior tennis players to compete as a part of team at various times throughout the year.  Players that participate get the opportunity to play in a district or regional championship in July and possibly the national championships in August.  Nassau was a finalist in the 18 & Under Natioanls in 2015 and 14 and under Nationals in 2012!

2015 USTA JUNIOR TEAM TENNIS 18 & Under National Finalists


(l to r) Coach Benton Camper, Emily Roeper, Elise Gerdes, William Camper, Alan Dogan, Benton Camper III, Zach Anderson, Lily Chu, Stephanie Ji, Shannon Lu


2010 USTA JUNIOR TEAM TENNIS 14 & Under District Champions and Sectional Finalists

(l-r) Benton Camper (coach), Benton III, Mark Friedman, William Camper, Brianna Shvets, Stephanie Ji, Shannon Lu